A Framework Of An Action Plan

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Literature Review
This section addresses various case studies regarding the importance role of education, policies, incentive programs in motivating sustainable consumption all over the world. The aim of this paper is to design a framework of an action plan to promote and motivate sustainable consumption in Saudi Arabia. Also, the current study focuses on the role of education, incentives, and policies that help in changing the current unsustainable consumption patterns. The United Nations Secretary General’s High-Level Panel on Global Sustainability recently wrote that “sustainable development is not a destination, but a dynamic process of adaptation, learning and action. It is about recognising, understanding and acting on inter- …show more content…

Furthermore, the survey results show that the three crucial environmental issues in Saudi are: the congestion problem and transportation systems, solid waste, and inefficient use of water and energy.

2. A Portuguese Case Study in Ownership and Regulation
According to a study conducted in the Portuguese region of Madeira, the study aims to find out to what extent water bills service is educating and encouraging consumers about the importance of consuming water sustainably and inform them with water shortage issues. A questionnaire was distributed to 386 households in the Madeira Region. The results show that water bills are lack of educational information. Also, the results suggest that redesigning the water bills may have a positive change in the consumption behaviour. The majority of domestic users have an incomplete perception about the items included in the bills. On the other hand, a small group of the participants is aware of the amount of water they are consuming and how much money they are paying for the service. This small group is more conscious in adopting environmentally-friendly behaviour and more sustainable consumption.

3. Rural Residents in China
The study aims to discover the factors that affect the rural residents, environmental knowledge, environmental responsibility, perceived behavioural control, response efficacy, environmental sensitivity and also the contextual factors. The study

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