A Girl Of The Limberlost Analysis

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In the novel A Girl of the Limberlost by Gene Stratton-Porter, there lies in the pages the themes of nature and moths, both intrinsic motifs sunk deep into the bones of the storyline. The beauty and elegance of nature is viewed by the characters as a direct manifestation of the hand of God. As such, the characters in the story basked in the glory of the outdoors and spent most the time perusing the surrounding areas around their homes. Each character in the novel had a different relationship to nature. For some, such as nature was a way to find inner peace. For others, nature represented the turbulence and wildness upon which the course of life took you. Specific places out in the surrounding environment novel also had a noteworthy part in the theme of nature. And then you have characters in which nature played a more significant role such as Elnora and her mother Mrs. Comstock’s life. The focal point of the story is focused on the heroin Elnora Comstock with her collection of moths and her crotchety mother Mrs. Comstock. Elnora is a poor necessitous girl who receives no support from her mother. This is due to the fact that Mrs. Comstock blames Elnora for her husband's death by asphyxiation in the limberlost swamp. All of the nurturing and care she had came from Margaret and Wesley Sinton. The lack of care and support from her mother led Elnora to have to pay for her own education. She managed to collect the funds she needed by selling her rare

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