A Global Expansion Plan For The Airline Industry, Business, And Employee Relations

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Spirit Airlines should do a global expansion plan with bases of operations, not limited to, passenger flight operations, maintenance operations, ramp operations, airport facilities operation, in international countries. Global expansion will and should include hiring and firing of staff, training and development of staff, and financial reporting for existing currencies.

Operations in international and/or foreign countries will create significant operational challenges. Differences in governing laws and regulations for the airlines industry, business, and employee relations will become challenging. Interpretation and intent for various laws can and will provide ambiguity that must be dealt with. Research shows that various international airlines continue to be plagued by high costs and poor service (Ramamurti & Sarathy, 2007).

This is an opportunity for a United States based airlines like Spirit to bring in a proven product that is cost effective and complimented with good service to a globalized economy that suffers from lack of product.

Globalization, in its most literal definition, is the process of making, transforming or expanding a product or service into a global one. This process is a combination of economic, technological, socio-cultural, and political forces (Button, 2008).

Tackling these hurdles in globalization can be accomplished though the following:

• Spirit must forecast cost. The cost of globalization can be subdivided into legal fees and

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