A Good Number Of Films Produced By Tim Burton Prompt Similar Themes Of Dark Satire And Grisly Outcomes

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On the surface, a good number of films produced by Tim Burton prompt similar themes of dark satire and grisly outcomes. However, throughout the progress of the film Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, I found my initial impressions of the typically grim director to be baseless and skewed. From being introduced to songs like No Place Like London and my personal favorite, A Little Priest, to the surreal interpretation of lust, loss, and revenge; Burton’s establishes his take on mischief, malice, and meat pies through each individual scene and character development. Moreover, each musical number complements not only the twist and turns of the plot, but also each character’s respective personalities. The reinterpretation of what…show more content…
After returning to the place that gave him hurt, Sweeney Todd outs two scam artists, one of them named Adolfo, who are selling a potion to a cure for hair loss and defeats them in a shaving competition. The song at this arc that stands out the most is The Contest, not because it is centered on this scenario, but because the visionaries of the play and film adaption did an excellent job in portraying the times of penny dreadfuls. This is also where we get to see a contrast between characters - Todd vs. Adolfo. Coincidentally, Adolfo had previously worked for Sweeney Todd and attempted to blackmail him, but was eventually murdered by Todd. Sweeney Todd’s friend Anthony, the boy who accompanied him on the ship back to London, informs Todd of his plan to elope with Todd’s daughter, Johanna, which places him in direct competition with Judge Turpin for Johanna’s hand in marriage. Judge Turpin finally finds his way into the clutches of Sweeney Todd, but before Todd can exact his revenge, his friend Anthony reveals his plan to elope with Johanna. Judge Turpin storms out and Sweeney Todd drives Anthony from the premises in a fit of rage. Sweeney Todd suddenly takes a mass murderous turn and decides that all people deserve to die: the wealthy for their sins and corruption and the poor to be taken out of their misery. Thus ends the first act of the play. Fast forward, weeks after the events that just occurred, Sweeney Todd and Mrs.

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