A Good Student Is Never An Easy Thing

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To be a good student is never an easy thing. Spending restless nights studying and working can definitely wear you down. I always found a love for school, but it never came easy for me. When the workload got too high I would panic and put it off until the last second, or, in some cases, not complete it at all. As I began to get older, my thirst for knowledge began to weaken, and I started to underestimate the privilege and value of my Catholic education. I grew up all my life attending Catholic school and when high school came around, I never considered the consequences that would come from not trying my hardest. My parents explained to me the sacrifices they would have to make to send me to a Catholic high school and that they felt I wasn 't motivated enough. The public schooling district where I live is not very strong and the curriculum and teaching staff is subpar. I had many friends from other schools and I always felt that the education I was receiving was always one step ahead. My older brother attended a Catholic high school and went on to college. I admire my brother and it was always just assumed that I would follow in his foot steps. When my parents told me that I had to shadow my local school I was devastated. I realized that I had been slacking and I was determined to make up for it. I began to think of ways to persuade my parents into considering my options. A good education can provide the knowledge and skills to do anything. It helps to become more

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