A Good Teacher Essay

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Who is a teacher and what makes a good teacher? By definition, a teacher is a person who teaches, especially in school, but can anyone be a teacher? That is a matter of the possession of qualification and the overall talent utilized whilst on the workforce. Having such qualification simply doesn’t create a good teacher, though. Becoming a good teacher requires work, effort and time that one must be willing to sacrifice from their daily lives. A good teacher must be able to teach the students clearly. He/she must be well prepared, whether it is regarding the lesson of the day or any sudden questions the pupil may ask. A good teacher should have confidence with themselves and be organized at all times. A good teacher respects his/her job and tries to be as effective as possible. But from being a good teacher, there is one higher form of teachers’ ranking and that is being a great and effective teacher. Being a good teacher is easy, but being a great teacher requires more effort than what is usually expected and required. With being a great teacher, teaching is not a job, but a…show more content…
With that knowledge only can a person be creative about it. A certain degree of knowledge is essential for one person to be able to adapt it to any situation or use it as an output in the education industry whilst teaching. But can intelligent people be creative? Few studies have claimed that not all intelligent people can be creative, but other researches have shown this to be fabricated. Creativity is claimed to be the highest form of intelligence. So, should creativity be looked upon as if opposed to intelligence? Creativity is one of the qualities of intelligence; same way as analytical intelligence and practical intelligence. Although analytical and practical intelligence plays an important role, without creativity, the task loses the touch of the creator, thus making it the same as everyone
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