A Health Care Provider With Years Of Experience Essay

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Finding educational opportunities are valuable in the continually evolving health care industry (Makely, 2013). Shadowing a health care provider with years of experience is a great way to gain new knowledge, network with a different department, and acquire work ethic skills from senior health care providers.
I visited the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Department at Children’s Hospital Colorado of Denver. The Children’s Hospital Colorado is a teaching hospital that ranks as one of the top ten children’s hospitals in the nation by U.S. News (History of Children 's Hospital of Colorado, 2016). The first Children’s Hospital Colorado consisted on volunteers that provided care to children in canvas tents. Children’s Hospital Colorado was incorporated as a not for profit organization in May of 1908 (History of Children 's Hospital of Colorado, 2016). The hospital was first established in a residential home in Denver, however as the need for specialty pediatric care grew and medicine advanced, so did the size of the institution. In 1917 Children’s Hospital Colorado was relocated to a facility in downtown Denver with fundraiser money (History of Children 's Hospital of Colorado, 2016). Fast forward to 2005, the Children’s Hospital Colorado main campus was once again relocated to its’ current location on Colfax and Fitzsimons Parkway in Aurora. The main campus is now affiliated with the Anschutz Medical Center, which includes The University of Colorado Hospital.
I had the opportunity

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