A High School Drama Movie Gone Wrong

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The story of my conception could have been in a high school drama movie gone wrong. It takes place in a small town called Joshua nearby Dallas, Texas. My birthmother, Julie, was in a relationship with my birthfather, Arthur, and they were both sixteen years old. Slip-ups happen, and I was the product of one of them. After finding out that she was pregnant with me, Julie also had found out that Arthur had been cheating her and they eventually broke up. Young, pregnant, and without money, her mother urged her to get an abortion. The appointment for the abortion was set, and on the way to the abortion clinic’s office, Julie stopped at a facility that ended up changing her mind from aborting me. This facility was a place where teenage mothers could live, go to school, have their baby, and find a family to adopt the child. I was born on Halloween of 1991 with a family eagerly waiting for a baby girl. Julie more than anything wanted to keep me, but she knew that this other family would be able to give me a better life than she ever could. She gave me up reluctantly, with her heart broken. It’s funny how things work out sometimes… and I am so grateful for the family that I was destined to belong to. I was adopted the day I was born into the Forman family—my dad Mark, and mom Deborah, and brother Daniel who is 11 years older than me. They’re your average middle class Ashkenazi Jewish family. My mother a nurse, and my father (now deceased) was a social worker. Both of them

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