Caroline West: A Fictional Narrative

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"5408 South Mozart. It's just over in the Gage Park area."

Caroline West had been abandoned three days after her birth, by some woman she didn't know, but that would all change today. After months of investigating and digging through hospital documents she had found the woman who was her mother: It had taken forever to sift through all the papers. But that hadn't deterred her -- after all how many pregnant women could leave a hospital without a child and not have it written down somewhere? Three to be precise, well at least on that Halloween night there had only been three. One woman had given birth to a boy, so that excluded her immediately. The second woman had been forced to give birth to her stillborn daughter and she was alive so that …show more content…

"You're making a mistake...sir. I'm looking for..ahem..Susanne Williamson?" That caught the guys attention, he slowly raked her over from head to toe. "And who's askin'?" Slightly afraid of the mountain of a man in front of her, Caroline brushed a stray lock of hair behind her ear before she replied, "I'm Caroline West and I think...I think that this woman...that she's my …show more content…

another followed soon after, although this time it connected with her left temple. "My fvcking house...goddamn kids...." The words flew out of his mouth in no particular order, he wasn't even talking in complete sentences as he pushed her down to ground. "I'll show you how to treat a man in his house." Caroline tried to shake her head, hoping to clear some of the fog away and failing at it. With her head pounding she made to sit up, but quickly found herself being picked up anyways. Gasping for air she thrashed at him: he had his right hand tightly around her throat and the other one balled up in a fist at his side.

Two more blows...or was it four? followed her brief strangulation. Two were to the head, one to the chest and the final one hit her arm. She had noticed his control slipping on blow number two, he wasn't even looking as his fist connected with her skin the last two times, instead he seemed to be searching the room for something. Caroline groaned out in pain as she hit the bed, her head connecting with the headboard didn't help the situation "Stay there." The red head gritted her teeth, watching his form cross the room she quickly reached for something -- anything that she could

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