Nokia and Microsoft Partnership Analysis

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Microsoft had a partnership with the computer manufacturer IBM that made the software of Microsoft from DOS to modern Windows 8 famous and most used. The same underlying principle of symbiosis has been used inn this alliance. There are many reasons why Microsoft had to enter the cell phone industry. Arch Rival Apple came out with the iPhone and revolutionized the mobile world. Though the gadget was not a direct competitor, Microsoft was out of a huge potential market, namely the mobile segment.
More and more applications that were used in the PC and laptop began to be used with the mobile. It was with the availability of internet with the mobile that made companies like Nokia look for platforms to deliver the service- including surfing and connecting to social media that prompted developers to begin developing programs for this segment. It was also this development that made Microsoft consider going into the mobile sector since the company had already established itself in the tablet segment.
What were the forces leading to the partnership?
The fact that during the beginning of this century many developments occurred both with the internet and with telephony must be considered. The major developments were the availability of the internet on small machines like the mobile, PDA and…
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