Technological Advancements Of The Telecommunications Sector

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1.0 Introduction
We are living in the 21st century, which will be remembered for the fast-paced technology development. A lot of technological advancements took place in this century. Today, the technology is virtually in all sectors especially, a lot of evolution in the Telecommunications Sector. The telecommunications sector comprises many companies that make communication possible on a global scale, whether through the mobile phone, computer or the Internet. It is an important part of our day-to-day life and basically, it saves our time. Similarly, innovation and technology have a big impact on Digital and Electronics sectors and result in every day with new a laptop model, with new laptop’s features like a laptop with new processors,
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But it is not viable to access the internet while one is traveling by bus or train. Most people still use the tethering or hotspot feature of a smartphone to get online during traveling. It would be so much suitable to have a laptop with 4G connectivity so that one can start accessing the Internet the moment when turning it on. This way of internet connectivity will not drain the battery of a smartphone.

Figure. 2.2 Laptop with 3G SIM card slot

3.0 Concept analysis
The following discussion will show you some advantages and assumptions (Figure 3.1) in formulating this idea of built-in 4G/LTE SIM card slot into the laptops. Further, the following discussion will also show you disadvantages of both concepts. Figure 3.1 Why this Idea of built-in 4G/LTE SIM card slot into the laptops came?

§ Weaknesses of Current WLAN/WWAN concept in a Laptop:
1) Need an additional device to connect the Internet
2) No GPS feature available
3) No video or voice calling feature available (w/o internet)
4) Speed is limited compared to 4G service
5) Laptops having a built-in 3G card slot are very expensive
6) No theft-tracking feature available
7) Nowadays Laptops having SIM-card slots, they support 2G or 3G only not 4G/LTE supported
8) 3G radio consumes a lot more battery

§ Advantages and assumptions of built-in 4G/LTE SIM card slot in a

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