A Interview On Craven Community College Campus

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We had the interview on Craven Community College campus in her office. We spoke for approximately one hour and twenty minutes. I asked the questions that are in the syllabus and we spoke of other things about her religion. The site study and interview that I have chosen is that of the Muslim religion.
What is your personal history/story or any conversion experience into your religion?
She was born and raised in Indonesia, one of the largest Muslim countries in the world. She was born into the Muslim religion. Indonesia is also a pluralistic religion. They do have national holidays for other religions too.
What is your view of the divine?
Muslim is a monotheistic religion. It is very similar to Christianity and Judaism in this respect. Muslims do believe in one Holy Power called Allah (God) just like Christians and in Judaism. There is also the same notion of judgment, and who is going to Heaven and Hell.
What is the nature of your sacred scripture?
The sacred scripture for Muslims is the Qur’an. This book teaches Muslims to be ethical and to be a good person. It teaches about the afterlife as well. The Qur’an has historical stories in it such as the creation of the world, Adam and Eve, Noah, Abraham and Moses. It has other stories that are very similar to the Christians Bible. “It is the continuation of Judaism and Christianity.” What is your understanding of the “problem” or “predicament” of human beings?
Neither of us really understood this question so she answered it…
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