A Interview On Craven Community College Campus

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We had the interview on Craven Community College campus in her office. We spoke for approximately one hour and twenty minutes. I asked the questions that are in the syllabus and we spoke of other things about her religion. The site study and interview that I have chosen is that of the Muslim religion. What is your personal history/story or any conversion experience into your religion? She was born and raised in Indonesia, one of the largest Muslim countries in the world. She was born into the Muslim religion. Indonesia is also a pluralistic religion. They do have national holidays for other religions too. What is your view of the divine? Muslim is a monotheistic religion. It is very similar to Christianity and Judaism in this respect. …show more content…

“To give guidance and to have an ethical life, and how to live with others.” What is the role of women in your religion? Women coverings is a geographical practice. In certain cultures, women do not cover at all. Women are allowed to pray with the men in most cultures. In most mosques, women pray either behind the men or beside them. In some mosques, they are in another room or behind a curtain in the same room as the men. In most cultures, though the women have equal roles as men do. Women tend to have a more active role in politics, economics and medicine as well as other careers. Indonesia had their first female president about fifteen years ago. How are things going to end up for the world and for individuals? Since there is an afterlife, people will be judged for their deeds. If they lived a good ethical life, they will go to Heaven. If they did not live a good ethical life, they will go to Hell. What are your religious practices, holidays? They have the Pilgrimage to Mecca every year for the “big one” or as it is known by Muslims hajj. There are smaller pilgrimages at any time of year. With the “big one” Muslims come from all over the world at one time to pray together. They have special Muslim activities in which they participate. The women and men have gender specific activities and dress. The men are to be

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