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When I filled out the diagnostic score sheet for a senior leader I know, I was not surprised by the results. This leader is nearing the end of her career and I have often heard her joke that she just doesn’t have “any adrenaline left” and this is reflected in her leadership style. The total score I gave this leader was 12 with 4.5 for Noble Purpose, 3 for Ceaseless Ambition, 3.5 for Candor and 1 for Passion. The area where I feel this leader excels is Noble Purpose. I have never been in a meeting with this leader where she has not stressed that what we do is all about the patient and her actions clearly support the mission, vision and values of our organization (Gilbert, 2007). When I think of this leader the disciplines of ceaseless …show more content…

It also created the feeling that she is out of touch with current issues and dynamics of bedside care. The lack of visible leadership caused frustration for the staff and lead to dissatisfaction and ethical erosion in the form of decreased loyalty. I am pleased to say that based on the results of our last several employee satisfaction surveys, and encouragement from her directors, this senior leader has recognized her disconnect with middle management and staff and has started to host meetings on the inpatient units where she will bring a meal and the staff can ask her questions. This was a courageous move for her and I was not certain how it would be received, however, I am pleased to say, the results have been positive. The staff is making an effort to attending their scheduled meeting and attendance has been good. Staff questions have been insightful and respectful. It has given staff the opportunity to see and hear from their senior leader, her vision and to understand her passion for patient care and the concern she has for staff, directly from her and for her to hear concerns and frustrations directly from staff. This simple effort to interact with staff on a more personal basis has significantly changed her reputation as a leader. She is dynamic and fully committed to her nursing staff and now the staff know it as well as her directors. Just as I was not surprised by the Ethical Leadership

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