A Lecture On Teachers Are Paid By Public Schools, And Other Places We 've Never Seen

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On April 28 of 2016, English professor at Diablo Valley, College Laury Fischer gave a lecture called “Whiteboard Jungle: Teacher in the Movies, TV, and other Places We’ve Never Seen.” Mr. Fischer, a professor himself, acted as an advocate for real teaching. He wanted to persuade the audience on how Hollywood’s portrayal of a teacher has shaped the teaching profession. Also, compared it with his experience as a teacher for 42 years and experiences from his colleagues, emphasizing on how important is for teachers to leave a long lasting impression on their students. All the way through the lecture, Mr. Fischer argued that the movies represent a different environment, where sometimes teachers have to “civilize” students, and that in reality there is more thinking involved in the teaching process. Also challenges the idea that on films, teachers have to be either incompetent or inspiring, in the real world, “teachers are paid by the public to do public good”. Nowadays education has become more competitive, and we discourage people from going into teaching, movies give us reasons to get dispirited and sort of conspire to keep students to become teachers. As a consequence, we are facing a shortage of teachers in the United States. Solutions to address this problem had been unsuccessful like programs that focus on training teachers like Teach For America which have not work. Mr. Fischer exposed that none of the actual presidential candidates had a proposal that will demand the

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