A Lesson Before Dying By Ernst J. Gaines

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Many cultures have had “dark” pasts and histories. Some have had terrible wars, while others have had mass killings. Other cultures have had problems with discrimination towards diverse or dissimilar cultures and races. There are many reasons for this discrimination, but in the majority of cases, the most common reason is simply because of a difference between them. These differences can vary from physical appearances to cultural, traditional, or religious beliefs. Differences can lead to a culture’s social status of privilege for one race or group over another. One culture, or country, where this was apparent, was in the United States, specifically in the South. Slavery can be seen as one of the United State’s negative times in history. Slaves were treated poorly and were considered inferior to white Americans or white people in general. In “A Lesson Before Dying” by Ernst J. Gaines, the theme of racial discrimination is prevalent due to the institution of slavery and this discrimination leads to degrading of people, labeling, name-calling, and segregation within the society. Slavery opened the door to racism and discrimination. In the book, the idea that white people thought of themselves as being superior is present. White people emphasized this so much to the extent that the black population believed it as well. Colored people were not as privileged as white people. They did not always receive education, and if they did, it was not at the same level. In the book, there
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