A Letter Of Recommendation For My Daughter

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It excites me to write this letter for my daughter because all the other colleges ask for thoughts said by her teachers and guidance counselors. Finally, the one person who has known her, her whole life and has seen her grow into the incredible young women she is today. (I’m not saying that because I’m her mother, I’m saying that because she always accomplishes something new and keeps surprises everyone) I get to pour my heart into a letter of recommendation in the hopes of the admission into your college.

I want to bring to your attention what makes my daughter, unlike the other applicants. Every child is unique and has gone through certain events that were life changing. For Jess, her struggles of fighting through a frightful food allergy since she was born has made her allergic to soy, which is found in almost everything. As a parent, you don’t want to see your child go through anything scary, but with patience and focus, Jess has almost defeated it—with the help of herself as a go-getter and those around her.

We always had to make everything from scratch at home and could never eat out because of the chances of her having a reaction and not being able to breathe. Of course carrying an EpiPen was a responsibility she had every day, it has made me sorrowful as a parent to watch her go through this. Most teenagers enjoy going out to eat with their friends because they get to that stage and age where they start driving; Mom and Dad become not cool anymore, and they want

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