A Letter To Dr Pills On The Value Of Philosophy Summary

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A Letter to Dr. Sells on the Value of Philosophy
Dr. Sells, The word “philosophy” derives from the Greek word meaning “the love of wisdom.” Wisdom is an essential quality for successful people, especially with regards to collegiate schooling. In fact, wisdom is a highly recurrent theme throughout the bible. Proverbs 3:13 states, “Blessed is the one who finds wisdom, and the one who gets understanding” (English Standard Version, Proverbs 3:13). Representing the Baptist branch of Christianity, it is essential for Ouachita to support wisdom in their students by allowing an introduction to philosophy class to become required. The subject analyzes how the world works and why people think what they think. It is the only subject that evaluates every
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It is the only subject that applies to all people. When students question the world around them, they recognize the value of learning, which will improve efforts in all classes. The significance of the largely encompassing subject is eloquently described in the following works: Russell’s “The Value of Philosophy,” Plato’s Apology, and Locke’s “Of Enthusiasm and the Quest for Truth.” Plato, Russell, and Locke, all enormously respected thinkers of their time, would all recommend every student to take an introduction to philosophy class throughout their time at Ouachita Baptist University. First, Bertrand Russell was a British theorist who lived during the late 1800’s. In his piece, “The Value of Philosophy,” he describes the importance of studying philosophy. He argues that the subject is studied for “enlargement of self” (Russell). Russell is accurate with this statement. Studying thought accentuates people’s wholesome qualities;…show more content…
He stated that “There is nobody in the commonwealth of learning, who does not profess himself a lover of truth; and there is not a rational creature that would not take it amiss to be thought otherwise of” (Locke). In his mind, people who are rational and intelligent seek to understand and learn the truth. Locke’s perspective on truth is accurate and important for humanity. When people study philosophy, they discover their truth about the world. Truth becomes more evident with a deep knowledge of philosophy. Truth is an essential quality for people within Ouachita Baptist University to uphold. Thus, in support of Locke’s love for truth, he would suggest that an introduction to philosophy course be added to required core curriculum for all
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