A Liberal Perspective On Capital Punishment

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A Liberal Perspective on Capital Punishment The liberal ideology is based in the values of individualism, in that the individual themselves is important in their pursuit and struggle for freedom. There are some factors that are common in liberalism, some of which include: liberty, formation of equality and dominance of individuals in bearing within their society. This essay will discuss these ideas of liberalism in relation to how they support the controversial issue of capital punishment. Capital punishment is the sentencing of someone who has committed a serious offence to death. Capital punishment was practiced in Australia since the British colonisation and formally abolished when it was last used in 1967. Only in 2010 did federal legislation prohibit capital punishment in all Australian states and territories. The attitudes towards capital punishment are multidimensional and complex, which makes determining the public’s opinion a complicated issue. There has been research that has found that an individual’s attitude towards capital punishment is reflective of one’s ideological self-image. There is worry that liberals could ground retributive justice in concrete, in that they could enforce more if that’s what they feel the public is looking for. Another issue for both the public and the government is that many people are ignorant on the factual issues that have to do with the death penalty, which can affect people’s opinions and therefore their actions on the
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