A Little More About Gender And Sex

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Hunter-Angel Gregory
Mrs. Williams
ELA 3/4th Hour
7 April 2017


One thing people have thought until recently is that the concepts of gender and sex are the same thing. This is now something that is changing and proving to be false. That being said, they can be troublesome to learn. Acceptance is another tough thing people now deal with since having these thoughts shared with them. Once upon a time the earth was thought to have been flat and it was proven wrong, people thought Pythagoras was crazy for thinking the earth was round. He proved them all wrong and this is another Pythagurus vs society. If some don’t believe me, then they can just watch and learn. For many, …show more content…

On Youtube there are numerous videos on transitioning, helpful tips and more knowledge about the subject itself. There is a Youtuber by the name of Justin Blake. Justin Blake is a transgender male and he has made videos on subtopics under transitioning. Binding is one of the topics he has talked about, as in bind with actual binders from stores and not ace bandages; types of binders he has personal experience with("Binding for FtM || Justin Blake ||" 2016). There are certain requirements for being able to transition. If your legal guardian does not agree with one transitioning and does not give consent, then the person will have to wait until you are eighteen years of age. One way to start transition would be to find a pediatric endocrinologist, pediatrician, or family practice physician and get evaluated; to see if they are mentally and physically stable enough to transition. Once they have been approved for transitioning then they may take puberty blockers, start a different diet and weight bearing exercises; due to the blockers. Leuprolide/Lupron and Histrelin/Vantas are two blockers used in transgender care("Trans 101 for Trans People" 2016). Cardiovascular disease, long QT syndrome, diabetes, pituitary adenoma, epilepsy and prostate cancer are health conditions that may keep people from taking puberty

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