A Lot Of People See Gun Control In Every Way, Shape And

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A lot of people see gun control in every way, shape and form as taking a bit of our freedom away. Others do not have an issue with gun control. Gun control is an issue of safety, education, race, and politics. Most gun owning Americans believe that just because certain people do not know how to use their freedom of having control over their own guns does not mean everyone else should have their freedom of gun control and ownership taken away by liberal politicians, most who have not even owned or shot a gun in their whole entire life. The Second Amendment of the United States Constitutions says that the people have the right to bear arms and it is not to be infringed. There is a reason why it is in the Bill of Rights and there is also a …show more content…

Therefore, when a person is going to commit a crime upon someone they might think twice about what they are going to do, because they have no idea if that person is carrying a gun or not. The United States has become very restrictive when granting a person to own guns. Certain states have come up with the "Shall Issue" law, which prevents anyone to own, or carry firearms if that person has a criminal record with a felony or has a mental disorder. Many states even require a permit to carry a concealed gun in public.

Most people learn about responsibility during their childhood and what they learn reflects what they do and how they act when they get older and become adults. Children that live in a good household tend to have better understandings of life and respect other people and their lives. Children would also have a better idea of recreation, for example hunting, and for a mean of protection from criminals. On the other hand, the children who grow up in problematic homes and that have uncaring parents, who are usually criminals themselves, tend to turn to crime. They are just doing what they believe is right, since that is how they were raised. So, we need to educate children about the potential dangers of firearms if they are not respected and treated with care.

Most Americans who believe that more guns equal more crime are afraid of the people who carry guns in public places, open

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