A Mauling on a Beautiful Summer Day Essay

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I could hear the sirens in the distance. Everything blurred into slow motion. It had attacked. . . .
Hot summer sun glistened in the bright blue sky. The white sand felt warm beneath our bare feet. My friends, Patrick and Tommy, and I had just spent a glorious day at the beach building sand castles and jumping the white washed waves. It was another perfect day of summer vacation.
Our rumbling stomachs indicated that it was time to venture home. We vaulted on to our scooters and rode back to Patrick & Tommy’s apartment. When we got there, we commenced to bring out the food for the barbeque. Hot dogs, hamburgers, homemade potato salad, apple cider, and fresh homemade apple pie for dessert were on the menu. The neighbors had …show more content…

The ambulance was approaching and the stench of burning rubber on the scorching black top permeated the warm summer air as the truck raced around the corner. The truck screeched to a halt in driveway; the lumbering sound of footsteps hustled down the front path. Two men dressed in dark blue uniforms bolted through the ajar screen door. The paramedics had arrived. One paramedic was carrying a small black bag. The other had a stethoscope strewn around his neck.
The paramedic holding the small black bag leaned down to my face to probe the wound. He immediately reached into his bag and pulled out a large sterilized roll of white gauze, a dark bottle containing disinfectant, a thermometer, and a device that takes blood pressure. While the other paramedic talked to my mom to find out what happened, I could feel the blood pressure cuff tighten around my arm and then, like a balloon, immediately deflate. The plastic tip of the thermometer filled my ear with a beeping sound as it digitally displayed my temperature. The gauze, drowned in disinfectant, swam laps across my cheek. The blood had coagulated and the gash exposed itself in all of its glory. Nearly three inches long, it felt as though my entire face was ripped open.
Paramedics listened intently to my mom as she described the horrific details. What started out as a beautiful day at the beach was now an evening

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