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A Memorable Day 4:00 am, August, 3,2017 I remember that day, every day of the week. It was a day never to forget forever. The day I found out my world turned in around just a second. I was in a deep sleep and I heard a deep cry from my mom. Right when I heard that immediately thought of the worse I thought my dad had died. So my body felt empty inside. But then my mom came and told my brother and me and the terrible news. I was so sad when she told me I thought I just lost half of my heart. And that was the day we were supposed to spend a whole week with him. My whole week was going to be filled with many different places. My Uncle Joel was a special part of my life and that was just taken from me in a instant.…show more content…
On Sunday my aunt and her kids went to get my uncle’s ashes to show and bring to the family but then they left. So the rest of us planned to go somewhere and to get a hotel because there would be too many people at my aunt's house. But that last night we went to get ice cream and then we went home the next day. But the funny thing is that my dad got a flat tire on our way home. A couple days later we went up on Friday to go to six flags because we had really been sad the whole week and we wanted to have a little fun and my uncle loved six flags. After that we went to my aunt's house to hang out with her before we had to go to the hotel. We did not do much other than just sit around and talk I did not do a lot I talked to my cousin most of the time and other family members and played with people's dogs. Some of the dogs were so cute and adorable.In additon, we had a late night swim in there pool.Then we headed back to the hotel and we swam again and my grandma actually went in the hot tub with us it was weird.Then we went to sleep to end the day we were staying at a fancy hotel. The day of my uncle's funeral was here.They brought his bike to the place to drive it with my aunt and they put in front of the door with a wood board that said my uncle's name and a motorcycle.After that we had to go and put up boards with pictures of my uncle on it.The people setting up for the funeral had lots of food and it was very good food.And

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