A Moment To Remember Essay

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A Moment to Remember Some things will stick with you forever, as for me it was words I will never forget. It is about the time my dad told me that he was proud of me. It was sweet music to my ears, like a Billy Holiday or a Nina Simone song. It was a moment that would live on till the day I die. Words matter the most when it comes from one who means the world to you. I am my father first child out of four children. Growing up I never wanted to disappoint him. Although, my dad rarely expresses himself it was hard trying to figure out if I had disappointed him or not. My father was strict with us, he was a I am going to tell you one time and one-time only kind of guy. The day I felt I had disappointed my father was the day I drop of high school he would say “education come first”. My dad was a high school dropout himself, I felted I was holds at a higher standard. During the ten years not being in school I studied for the G.E.D test. I had failed multiply times, but not once he told me he was proud of me for taking the test. After finally passing the G.E.D test, all he said was “congratulation”. I felted puzzled I said to myself “only congratulation”, now I knew for sure I was not going to hear those words I am proud of you. The next day I called my sister the next day and told her I felt that he did not say how proud he way for me. I sister replied, “do it really matter”. Yes, for me it did. I started to question myself what would make him proud of his baby girl. I signed
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