A Moment on the Lips, Forever in the Hips: The Dangers of Aspertame and Other Sweeteners

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Sweetness is usually correlated with sugar. The problem with sugar, otherwise known as sucrose, is that it has a lot of calories. These calories lead to weight gain if not spent by exercise, but now that humans have the knowledge and technology to create various substances, there are artificial sweeteners that do not have calories at all and taste even sweeter than sucrose. Many Americans avoid sugar-sweetened drinks by drinking beverages filled with artificial sweeteners such as aspartame to avoid weight gain. However, studies have shown that the adverse neurological and visceral effects of aspartame demonstrate that artificial sweeteners are more harmful than helpful; therefore, artificial sweeteners, especially aspartame, should not be…show more content…
Humans do not have this defense system; they cannot convert phenylalanine into tyrosine. Even at 50 milligrams per kilogram, humans are affected by aspartame due to the hindrance of neurotransmitter synthesizing enzymes. Aside from the nervous system, aspartame also affects the digestive system. In conjunction to modern consumption, aspartame’s effects are enhanced. In the past 40 years, human diet has shown an increase in trans fats, monosodium glutamate (MSG), and artificial additives (Collison, et al.). These chemicals are especially known for being insidious—they may taste pleasant, but they lead to obesity, diabetes, liver damage, etc. In a study by Kate S. Collison and others, aspartame, along with MSG and trans fats, increases the HOMA-IR or the “homeostasis model of assessment of insulin resistance” by 56 percent in lab mice. The key words are “insulin resistance”. A resistance to insulin means that the glucose levels in the body will increase; rising glucose levels causes hyperglycemia which eventually leads to the seventh leading cause of death in Americans: diabetes. While this study is on lab mice, this is well relevant to humans since humans and mice have similar digestive structures. Also, the combination of aspartame, MSG, and trans fats causes an increase in body fats to about two grams and liver fats to

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