A More Than Modest Proposal to Solve the Ever-Growing Traffic Troubles

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More Than Modest Proposal to Solve the Ever-Growing Traffic Troubles
On average, an American commuter spends around 30 hours per week sitting in traffic going to and from the job that they may or may not love. Commuters in some cities like Washington DC, that is both near and dear to our hearts, can spend roughly 60 hours per week stuck in traffic. Not only is time wasted wasted while commuting, but the gas that we constantly fill our cars up with may as well be flushed down the drain. Following the gas that is going down this metaphorical drain here, is a ridiculous amount of money from an innocent commuter’s wallet. Additionally, time wasted while commuting could’ve been time well spent with one’s family or even with one’s pets. The …show more content…

Because there are no drivers of the pods, there is zero chance of any casualties caused by drunk drivers, or by drivers who are texting or plugging information into their GPS. These pods will eliminate any chance of pedestrians or animals getting hit due to the sensitive sensors that will be placed in each pod. Though there are alternate means of transportation such as carpools, buses, or simply walking, these alternatives can be just as problematic as cars themselves. With carpools, we still run the risk of drivers that are not paying full attention to the road because they are paying more attention to the members of their carpool. Though with the intent of conserving gas, carpools will still pollute our fresh air with the harsh chemicals found in gas. Buses are more or less a large- scale carpool. Buses may seem to promote mass transportation of people, they are very costly because drivers must be paid and money must be spent on gas. Not to mention that buses can be extremely dirty, whereas the pods are self sanitized. Not only will the Pod System immediately solve the present issue of traffic and the load of side effects that come with it, the Pod System brings many more positive long term effects. For starters, the reduced commute time now allows working Americans to spend more time with their families and other loved ones. Also, these new electronic

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