A New Cyber Security Initiative For The Army Materiel Command

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In 2003, I was recruited to set up and lead a new cyber security initiative for the Army Materiel Command (AMC), a 53 Billion dollar year logistics command that serves as the army version of amazon for the army’s current inventory of weapons, supplies and vehicles. AMC, at this time, had over a 100k workforce spread across 140 locations worldwide. During this timeframe, the Department of Defense was still trying to define Cyber Security and mature the process they had in place. DOD was a large target and AMC ranked high due to the research we performed for the Army and the DoD. The attacks came from all types of hackers ranging from, high school and college kids to state sponsored attacks using everything from off the shelf scripts to specialized tools designed to specifically break down our security systems. At this time my command had one of the worst records in the army for cyber security incidents. These attacks were, due to their ferocity and complexity, having a devastating impact on our ability to support the war efforts in Iraq and some attacks resulted in exfiltration of sensitive but unclassified data. AMC, during this timeframe, owned 50% of the Army’s computing power and this took the form of workstations, servers, applications and communication circuits so the impact was significant. Coupled with these ongoing attacks, the Army changed the way security incidents were being reported, directing all incidents to be reported to the Chief Of Staff (COS) of the
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