A New Union Agreement And How Does It Affect Employees, And Company Management

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What is a new union agreement, and how does it affect employees; and company management that is currently under the control of the labor union? Well, a new union agreement is that of an understanding between two parties, which come to an agreeable compromise that will benefit all parties involved; called collective bargaining. It’s a process of two groups coming together and finding a way to resolve issues there facing, while reaching a mutual written agreement; without barriers. “During preparation for negotiation, both sides are likely to attempt to define three critical points; which are the maximum limit, expectations; and the desired results of items being negotiated” (DeNisi & Griffin, 2014, pp, 256-257). One example is in this …show more content…

“Because sometimes a long history of acrimonious relationships between management and labor makes it difficult for two sides to negotiate in good faith” (DeNisi & Griffin, 2014, pp, 259). Additionally, when these parties come face to face sometimes their distrust in one another can cause havoc, then the start pointing finger to one another; which in turn will cause them to re-think any proposal put on the table. Remember, negotiation can be a complicated process, especially if inept negotiators are in control; also if proper communication isn’t factored into the agreement between both parties. That’s why if any side of the parties choose to have someone speak out on the behalf, they must be knowledgeable in all areas; otherwise it can cause difficulties to settle in. Then as a result if both parties still cannot come to a reasonable commendations, or that of a new contract agreement to replace the existing one; then they may want to assume it as being impasse. While this new agreement might be very beneficial for the management team to become successful once again, it may not be such a good alternative to the union or it members; for they might just consider it being impasse. Once an impasse has been determined, either party can then move forward by taking things into their own hands; by simply doing away with the impasse or dismissing it. By just taking the appropriate steps to overcome any differences between the two negotiating parties; by listening to

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