A Personal Analysis Of The Campaign For The Election Campaign

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Acharya 2 Rabin Acharya Professor Shery Sharifian Govt 2306 29 October 2017 The Campaign The cost to run for the office varies according to candidate.
The money spend on various election campaign in Texas was different from candidate to candidate Chris Essig March 1 2017). Roy Owens spend $61.52 per vote whereas Robert Burns did not any penny but got 3,549,442 votes in the election. Also, there were a lot of representatives who had not spent any amount of money but got number of votes. In this way we can see that the number of vote cannot be determined by the amount of money one spends during election. But, as a new comer I need to do some spending for my election campaign. Also, the cost per vote for me is going to be quite expensive. …show more content…

My campaign slogan is” full of self-employment, free from illiteracy”. As I have already mentioned about my platforms for the election in my previous SLO, my slogan basically focuses on self-employment and education. My goal is to establish a community, which is totally free from illiteracy and where every individual have employment opportunities. Giving more priority on self-owned business will do this. Especially I will give more focus on agriculture-based industry, which is eco-friendly too. Also by minimizing the fees of the tuition and increasing the quota for the scholarships in various fields will help to increase the number of students in colleges. I have attached the design of my campaign slogan along with this assignment.
I will search for local newspaper, which is popular among many of the people in Texas for the publicity. I would also like to attend several radio shows and interview in order to express my thoughts to the people. Apart from these I would like to see the local singers from the community, so that they could help me in promoting my election campaign. This is because various forms of communication like radio and newspapers help me to link directly with the people. And if the celebrities whom people love starts to support me, the one following these stars somehow starts to like me. In this way my plan will support me to get more votes. If I will be able to do these, I think I would get sufficient number of

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