A Personal Statement On Business Management

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Business owners run this world, besides senior people. Entrepreneur has responsibilities like no other job in the American nation. They employ everybody, no matter the field. “Owning a vision” is the motivation that runs an organization to its highest point in power, or to the dirty ground (5). If you have the power to vision, use the same power to create that vision. “Providing the proper resources and build a culture” is another primary responsibility of an entrepreneur and is key (5). Choosing the right people to run a business to create a culture will bring moral and heights to your company. “Good decisions deliver the company 's performance (5).” Life is full of decisions and so being an entrepreneur is full of decision, good or bad, a choice needs to be made. While people work, entrepreneurs employ, which takes great responsibilities.
Creating my own business has always been my dream since a little kid. My sister owned Helping Hands Youth Center which added motivation to run my own concession store. If it can be tried, a business can be completed. My family always says work, collect takes, and retire. That is a good choice, but I want more that a regular life. Like all motivational speakers say in general,” if you have a dream live it” I want to secure a great future for myself and families, also my community. My family is either working low pay, relying on the government, or retired, but we all making good money. My dream is to become an entrepreneur for

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