Essay about A Personal Trip to Mexico and The Mexican Revolution

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The Mexican Revolution was an attempt to overthrow a dictatorial tyrant, Porfirio Diaz that ruled the country of Mexico for decades. His autonomic attitude and self-centered beliefs eventually angered the people, although he successfully tried and failed to bring to life prosperity to the country as well as strengthen the ties with the United States.
As I travel through the country of Mexico battered by hardships and misery, I take notes, write down what I observe over the course of my journey, and interview the people of the run downed country, obtaining a first hand glimpse of a life under complete control. Like a fly on the wall, my eyewitness accounts prove evidence of turmoil within Mexico in which the people face adversity to over …show more content…

As I walk down the street, tortilla stands crowd the corners of intersections of the streets as the aroma of tortillas suffocate my nostrils. Directly next to the steaming tortillas, is a meat rotisserie with a rotating chunk of Al Pator cooking on a low flame for hours prior to lunch. As Mexicans get ready to go to work, the aroma of pan dulce drowns out the aroma of tortillas attracting locals to grab a couple of breads and a cup of coffee before they are on their way. As the day progresses on, gunshots rang out and quickly I threw myself to the ground, protecting my neck and head. Five minutes have passed and the gunfire still has not ceased. Like a soldier in training, I crawled my way to an alley where a dumpster sat all alone. Fearing for my life, I pried open the top of the trash can and jumped quickly inside. Unaware of what was inside, I simply did not care, as my life was more valuable. Ten minutes have now passed and finally the gun battle has been terminated. As I open the lid of the trash can, I can hear voices, yelling, screaming, and crying. Curious as to what has just happened, I jump out of the trashcan and begin to walk back towards the street. Upon arrival, the amount of bodies and bloodshed was unbelievable. At least three bodies littered every corner of the intersection. All I could wonder and ask myself was, “For what? Why?” Seeking for protection, I headed south deep into the city where I hoped to see peace. Boy was I wrong. As I turned

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