The Mexican Revolution Summary

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The book is a non-fiction book written by, Alan Knight and was Published on May 5, 1980.The Mexican Revolution began in 1910, it began as a movement of a middle-class protest against the long standing dictatorship of Porfirio DIaz. In 1876, Diaz, an Indian general in the Mexican Army, took control of the nation and continued to be elected until 1910, he also had held power in 1876-1911. From 1884 to 1911, he was an unofficial ruler from 1880 to 1884, he was a respected political leader. In 1908, DIaz had an interview with an United States journalist James Creelman, and Diaz told James that would be ready for free elections in 1910, so in 1910, Diaz promised the people that he was going to let there be free elections. Porfirio Diaz was born

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