A Police Officer

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The bill I will be introducing from the 84th session will be HB474. This is a bill that requires officers to wear body cameras while preforming their job with the public (Reynolds). I will be informing you on the positive and negative sides of the bill. I will give you my opinion on this bill and why I chose it. I will also inform you on who introduced it and a partial background. Finally I will inform you if the bill passed and became a law or not. In recent years, there has been a huge movement with police brutality. There has also been a movement with Black Lives Matter. These two groups almost always go together. The media has been a big factor in these movements. Facebook and Twitter are key sites in showing how innocent minorities get into trouble just by the way they look. Many followers of these movements believe that it is a type of cultural and racial discrimination. “An oath to protect” is what they did. The life of a police officer is probably one of the most dangerous jobs out there. These people are human, some have families of their own. It is hard sometimes to see their side of the story. These people are not perfect, but personally they need to be very close to it. Any time a police officer decides to “pull the trigger” they need to understand the consequences that will come with it. The media will tend to eat it up. Make a story and get a huge crowd in the public to hate every single police officer. It is hard to be a Black person in the United States of

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