A Pregnant Teens Biggest Decision

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Seika McKee
ENGL 1113
17 Nov. 2015
A Pregnant Teens Biggest Decision In today’s world, we hear more and more stories about teen pregnancy. Whether they get pregnant by rape or by mistake, all pregnant teens have three choices: to give birth to the baby, to give it up for adoption, or get an abortion. Anne Speckhard, a psychotherapist in Washington D.C, states that almost one million teenagers in the United States get pregnant each year (1). With the rates of teen pregnancy increasing, the question that comes to mind is if these teens have enough knowledge to make such a drastic decision that can affect them for their entire life. Adolescent pregnancy is progressively becoming part of the everyday norm, so the decision to abort is …show more content…

Since she had previously had an abortion, she is now unsteady with the thought of becoming pregnant again. She almost feels as if it is unfair to the first child she had aborted. She tells me that although the person she had gotten pregnant with is no longer part of her life, she still regrets the idea of not keeping that child. She now believes that all lives matter no matter how young, in this case, believing that abortion should not be a decision to make no matter what the cause. According to Lesley Hoggart, from the School of Health and Social Care at the University of Greenwich, in London, teen pregnancy is a major social problem that includes social exclusion (534). With teen pregnancy, future risk factors that associate with parenthood can go from poverty, low educational achievements, poor employment, and even poor dieting (Hoggart 534). Even if the child is aborted, these risk factors can be put into play (Hoggart 534). Regarding the teens safety, all risk factors should be looked at. Whether the teen chooses abortion or motherhood, she should look into what could be in store in the future for not only her but her child as well. When it comes down to choosing abortion or not, many will feel some sort of emotion, whether it be depression, sadness, anger, regret or guilt (Speckhard 1-2). In a news article from the National Right to Life News, Lauren Enriquez writes about Darby, a teenager that had found out that she was pregnant

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