A Process For The Patient And Family Unit Essay

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Cancer survivorship transitioning is a process for the patient and family unit. Patients and families navigate to a “new normal”. Current transitioning from oncology care to primary care leaves a gap in continuity of care. Patients must adapt to a change in the health care regimen. Patients and their families may feel anxiety, returning to primary care, or patients and their families may have psychological distress as vigilance becomes more ominous in primary care. Cancer survivors transitioning from oncology care to primary care at a rural Minnesota health care facility may not receive the same vigilance of all the biopsychosocial elements obtained in oncology care; there is no standardization of screening for psychological distress by a cancer survivor in primary care unless patient and/or family self-reports or provider recognizes apparent symptoms of the psychological distress.
Purpose of Project
The PICOT question is: In cancer survivors and their families residing in a Minnesota rural population (P), how does the initiation of the Distress Thermometer screening tool to monitor psychological distress (I) compared to patient self-report (C) soften the impact of transitioning to primary care after oncology care (O) during a three-month period (T).
Population Description
The population for this project is cancer survivors and/or their family unit transitioning from oncology care to primary care in a rural Minnesota town. This population may have a higher level of

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