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William Wang
7 April 2015
Capstone project
Have you wonder where the power of technology and computers and all of the applications came from? Well there are a lot of computer applications like local security applications, protocols, well I am going to explain some security applications to you. There are many kinds of different security applications. I am going to explain two of different applications Linux and security policy settings.
Now what are security policies? Security policy settings in Microsoft could be used as part of all of our security implementation to make sure and to secure domain controllers, servers, client computers, and other resources in the whole computer world. One of the security applications in Microsoft is security compliance manager what is that? Well security compliance manager is a downloadable tool to our computer that will help us deploy, plan , operate and manage the security baselines for windows client and server operating settings and of course for Microsoft settings. What does it contain? It contains the complete database of recommended security settings methods to customize the baselines and the option to implement the important settings in multiple formats. “The next thing is called security configuration wizard. It is an application where you go through the process of applying, editing, or rolling back a security policy the security policy that we could create with SCW is an .xml file but when applied, network

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