A Project Report on Working Capital of Bharat Pump and Compessor Ltd.

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TABLE OF CONTENTS  PREFACE  ACKNOWLEDGEMENT  BOARD OF DIRECTORS  ORGANIZATION CHART OF BPCL  INTRODUCTION OF COMPANY  CUSTOMER OF BPCL  PRODUCT PROFILE  QUALITY ASSUARANCE  SWOT ANALYSIS  STRATEGY FORMULATION  MARKETING STRATEGY  MANAGEMENT PROBLEM  SEGMENTATION  RECOMMENDATION  PERFORMANCE HIGHLIGHT  FINANCIAL AND PHYSICAL PERFORMANCE REPORT  CONCLUSION  CERTIFICATE OF APPRECIATION  BIBLIOGRAPHY PREFACE The instrument of government owing property is nothing new. It is almost as old as human civilization itself. We have reference of public places and buildings such as the great bath and municipal halls in the towns valley civilization which also happens to be one of the oldest…show more content…
BPCL had entered into technical collaborations with World famous manufactures of Pimps, Compressors and Gas cylinders and high technology Oil Equipments. In a very short period the company absorbed the technology and establishes itself as a World renewed manufacturing of a wide range of high-tech products in the fluid handing areas. In spite of being an import substitution oriented unit. BPCL competes with renowned international manufacturing and secure Prestigious orders from the counts core sector industrials. Almost all the national project in the areas of oil exploration and exploration. Refineries petrochemicals and Fertilizers process industries, thermal hydro and nuclear power plant have BPC’s product which are functioning to the total satisfaction of the total satisfaction of the customers. The confidence reposed on BPCL by customer select in terms of steady and continuous ion order position as well as receipt of high value order to manufacturing and supply the high tech product like cementing units. Sucker Rod Pumping units and Nuclear Pumps besides Mud pimps for deep deling oil rigs and compressors etc. Through quality of BPCL product in good as compared to any other competitors but the company did not perform well due to various reasons. The concept of holding company was this adopted by the government to recognized BPCL along with other five companies in a

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