A Report On A Computer

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Aimee reported that her computer had again experienced a bluescreen. Connected remotely to the computer. Used a utility to find the cause of the bluescreen, which was an unidentified driver. Downloaded and installed the latest drivers for the Intel HD graphics card, the chipset, and memory card reader from the manufacturer. Aimee also reported that her wireless connection was intermittent, and that she received an error stating that the default gateway is not available. Researched the issue and applied several recommended fixes. Disable power saving on both network adapters. Disabled hibernation on the system. Searched for drivers for the network cards, but found that the latest drivers were installed. Spoke to Aimee …show more content…

Verified that Outlook was connected to Exchange. Found that the domain "", hosted by Yahoo, had expired. Assisted Barry with updating the credit card information and verified that the domain status was again active.
"Lorman requested that a laptop be set up for Collin. Connected remotely to his computer. Started the Office 365 application installation. Created a SharePoint shortcut on the desktop for Collin and walked him through configuring his email on his phone. Collin stated that he would configure his email account in Outlook and his Skype account when Office is finished installing, which was projected to take quite a while because of the internet speed.
Corey reported that he did not remember his email password and needed to set up his account on a tablet. Logged into the to Office 365 portal and reset his password. Verified that the configuration was successful.
Bobbie requested a quote for Office 365 and a migration from the existing Exchange host. Submitted the quote. Bobbie was also concerned about the antivirus on her computer which was not adequate. Discussed using IT365 versus buying an application. Bobbie opted to by an application, which was more cost effective since there are only three computers to protect. Connected remotely to her computer and assisted her with purchasing BitDefender Antivirus Plus. Uninstalled the existing antivirus application on Bobbie’s workstation as well as Bill 's. Installed BitDefender

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