A Report On Anglo Multinational Company

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1. INTRODUCTION: - 1.1 HISTORY OF ORGANISATION: - BHP Billiton is Anglo-multinational company dealing out with mining, petrol products and metals, where its head quarter is been located in Australia. The merging of both the company was done in the year 2001. Before merging both companies were carrying out their private business. BHP an Australian company in year 1885 was formed under the name of Broken Hill Proprietary Company, mainly dealing with petroleum, mining and steel. Along with that the company was participating in the invention, producing, and marketing of natural resources like iron ore, coal, copper, oil and gas, diamonds, silver, lead, and zinc, and also did business like transport and logistics, corporate services. Furthermore, Billiton a company of Netherland was named under an island known as Tin-rich was developed in 1860 and became part of Royal Dutch/Shell group in 1970. Billiton was a global leader in mining of aluminum, steaming coal, nickel and growing copper portfolio. 1.2 COMPANY STRUCTURE: - BHP Billiton is divided into 7 business units, Aluminum, Base metal, Stainless steel materials, Petroleum, Carbon steel materials, Energy coal and Diamond specialty products. Along with these BHP Billiton possess a mineral discovering group, technology, freight transport and logistic operations. 1.3 COMPANY SCOPE: - To maintain safety and environment policies, integrity, high performance, win-win relationship and respect of each and other companies. The

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