A Report On Gap Retail Store

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GAP Retail Store The Retail industry consists of a systematic system including the products information, inventory system, employee’s information as well as for the billing purposes. To keep track of the sales and to avoid mix up in inventory and to have a aligned billing system to avoid mix of bills amongst the patrons. Other retail stores at the malls or separate factory outlets etc. is using this system to be able to give a good service to its patrons. Introduction Gap is a well-known clothing line started in the United sates which now has numerous stores and factory outlets all over the world and this will help summarize the use of the system used by all the stores in the retail industry. The Store would provide type of clothing and accessories (Jeans, khakis, T-Shirts, Shirts, tank tops, Shorts, Sunglasses etc.). Depending on the cloths or accessories price tags set up according to the bar code the prices are charged to the customers. The Employees of the Store Employees are people who will manage all aspects of the database. In most databases, they are identified with as much information as possible. To keep our implication simple, we will need the name and the title of each employee. To uniquely identity an employee, each one will have an employee number. This number will be specified but the person who is creating the record for a new hire. 1. On the ribbon, click create 2. To create a new table, in the tables section, click the table design 3. Click under
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