A Report On Micro Center

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I’ve decided to write this essay on Micro Center. This is a store that my family patronizes. In fact, we’ve bought our two last televisions from Micro Center. They’ve always had an excellent selection, knowledgeable and friendly staff, and competitive prices. The store that my family frequents is located in Madison Heights, Michigan. Although it’s a long drive from where we live, the selection and prices keep us coming back. Micro Center is an electronics store that opened in 1979 by two former Radio Shack employees (Wikipedia, 2015). With 23 stores across the United States, Micro Center had an estimated annual revenue of $1.84 billion in 2012 (Eaton, 2014). The company primarily focuses on selling computer parts, computers,…show more content…
You know before you get there if they’re going to have the product you’re searching for. Online ordering is an option, but they currently don’t offer delivery. This could be considered a downfall, but they’re able to keep their operations locally. When you order a product online, regardless of size, price, or quantity, they guarantee that the order will be ready to be picked up in 18 minutes. They branded this service as “18 Minute In-Store Pickup.” Local Micro Center stores have a dedicated area for online orders. They don’t offer an option to pay online, so you’re forced to pay when you pick up your items. This is beneficial in two ways. First, Micro Center doesn’t require an online Point of Sale system for online orders. The store’s financials are all handled in-house. Second, paying in-store ensures that you’re only paying for products that you’re picking up. Glitches can happen, and sometimes all of the items that you ordered isn’t available for immediate pickup. Instead of paying the full amount for all of the items in your order, you only pay for the items that you’re actually picking up. This process if very beneficial to the customer. I’ve had several experiences with other retail stores in which I made an online order, paid the full amount, but all of the items weren’t available to pick up right away. Considering the time value of money, the funds that I used to purchase the items that I
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