A Report On The Pharmaceutical Industry

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Analysis of Environment: As far as the BOLD pharmaceutical industry is concerned, the environment is highly secured and confidential. All the manufacturing process should be kept very confidential. There are several protocols and policies where a pharmaceutical industry should follow: Policies and protocols related to safety: There will be a strict entry and exit procedure during the entry into the shop floor, protecting not only the manufacturing process, but also restricting the unauthorized access, thereby protecting the process of the manufacturing and assuring the information not to be leaked (Varun, 2015) Policies and protocols related to tasks: Each and every task in the organization should be done based on the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), where you are assured that the process is followed on the standards based on the organization. That would be the best practice to follow the SOP to do a particular task within the organization. Policies and protocols related to Data center: Protecting the data center is protecting the organization data. Only the authorized database administrators and the system administrators are supposed to access the data center. Allowing the unauthorized people may cause effect to the production data, therefore loosing the information security. Policies and protocols related to Quality Assurance: All the data in an organization, when the pharmaceutical industry is concerned is stored in the QA department. Any product before it starts, it
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