A Report On The 's Change Model, Balance Scorecard And Effective Leadership

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Executive Summary
This report will address strategy implementations for BBC3. The BBC have suggested to close BBC3. However from our SWOT (appendix 1) and Porters 5 forces analysis (appendix 2) it was concluded that they should not do this. Instead the BBC should keep BBC3 and close BBC4.
This report looks at how the change can be implemented using Lewin’s Change Model, Balance Scorecard and effective leadership.
According to Hrebiniak (2006), formulating a consistent strategy is a difficult task however implementing it is even more difficult. Noble, (1999b) suggested that strategy implementation is often seen as a craft, rather than a science.
According to the Balanced Scorecard Collaborative (2007), there are four reasons …show more content…

From the analysis it has been concluded that the BBC should keep BBC3 on the TV and instead remove BBC4.
One reason for this strategy has been suggested is because the BBC have many diversified products to meet requirement of each customer (BBC, 2014). However, BBC3 is the only channel that caters to the younger market, 16-34 year olds, therefore by removing this from TV they would no longer have a channel for this market. It has been found that youth are already underserved and older audiences are over served (Plunkett, 2014) therefore by removing BBC3 from the TV they would be further underserved. Additionally, there has been a signed petition against the BBC3 proposal ( 2015) suggesting that its customers do not want it to be taken off TV. Furthermore 16% of UK households don’t have access to internet and by removing BBC3 from the TV that 16% of the market will not be able to access it.
BBC4 have 2 million less viewers than BBC3 each week (BBC 2015). Additionally, BBC4 has many repeat shows on the channel and also similar shows to BBC2 therefore by closing BBC4 instead of BBC3 the BBC would lose less customers. Closing BBC4 would involve transferring longstanding programmes that are shown on BBC4 to BBC 2 as the two channels are already working closely together (BBC 2015).

Kurt Lewin (1947) developed a change model that involves three steps: unfreezing, changing and

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