A Research On Accounting Ethics

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Accounting Interview 2 Researcher: I am a student pursuing accounting in my studies and am doing a research on accounting ethics. I’d like to get your assistance in doing my research Interviewee: Am an accountant in the Barclays bank. Am ready for your interviewee and just feel free with me Researcher: What is Barclays Bank? Interviewee: Barclays bank is an international commercial bank operating all over the world with branches in all continents. We deal with finance and banking, issuance of loans, auditing, accounting, and community service for example sponsorship programme Researcher: What is the organization politics? How the management of the bank is enhanced and the system of employing bank staffs in all branches around the globe?…show more content…
What does the bank do in its daily schedule? Interviewee: The bank is tasked with accounting activities day in day out. We have a well professional team of accountants which carry out banking activities, issuance of loans and auditing. We receive a big number of customers daily who come to deposit or withdraw money in our bank. The accountants do assist them as it is required of them. We also do community service mostly where we finance education for needy and bright students. This is done annually in the beginning of every year. Researcher: What are the challenges facing the bank? Interviewee: The bank is faced with various challenges which are the backdrops in our organization. We are faced with accountant unethical issues. Many accountants are involved in activities where they overcharge our customers and even ask for bribes in order to serve them. There is the issue of ghost accountants who receive salary without doing any jobs. Their names exist where in the real sense they aren’t. Also we receive complaints from customers that our accountants are very lazy and arrogant. Also our accountants are involved in nepotism where they shortlist their family members for sponsorship programme. All these challenges affect our organization very much. Researcher: Why does the bank face these accounting challenges? Interviewee: I believe its lack of accounting ethics where accountants don’t understand what they are supposed to be doing and hence they
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