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Target Market Continue Mission ensures that military Veterans and their families are the main focus of their mission and that they are given an opportunity to reduce their stress, improve their relationships, and prevent suicide. We utilize a three-pronged approach focused on improving and saving the lives of veterans through one-on-one services, group activities, and a large referral system of community resources that support and educate Veterans. Continue Mission is a 501C-3 non-profit organization founded by Joshua Hansen, U.S. Army, Retired and Laura Cantin. Continue Mission provides opportunities for Veterans to create and build relationships with other Veterans. We help Veterans build the strength and determination to live a healthy lifestyle, discover opportunities for the future, interact, and engage in positive family, social, and community settings. The camaraderie within our Veteran population derives from the unique backgrounds and experiences of the Veterans we serve. Positioning Statement Continue Mission aspires to empower and involve Veterans in programs that promote health, wellness, and positive life changing experiences through support, education, advocacy and research. Our positioning statement clearly illustrates our goals at Continue Mission; in addition, we educate Veterans, local professionals, citizens and businesses on issues facing Veterans. No Veteran will be left behind with Continue Mission. Products and Services Offered
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