A Research Study On Chemistry

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5. A chemist would do examples A and C.
6. No
7. If you have a good knowledge of chemistry, it allows you to be able to evaluate data presented, make an informed opinion and act on that opinion.

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9. Chemists meet the demands of energy by finding ways to conserve, produce and store energy.
10. They help doctors develop medicines and other technology to allow doctors to successfully treat their patients.
11. Chemists role in agriculture is to develop more productive crops using different methods such as synthetic and selective breeding – For example, breeding tall corn stalks with tall corn stalks to produce more corn] and to environmentally friendly protect the crops.
12. Chemists help protect the
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17. Lavoisier revolutionized the science of chemistry by not seeing chemistry as a science of observation but a science of measurement which would later lead to the Scientific Method.
18. The three steps in the Scientific Method are observing, testing hypotheses (experimenting), and theorizing (conclusions).
19. Collaboration and communication in science is important because scientists that share ideas and work towards a common goal usually results in a successful outcome.
21. A hypothesis should be developed before you experiment so you know what you are testing; after the experiment takes place you may or may not be able to reject the proposed hypothesis, if your hypothesis is not true you have to test a new hypothesis that will be true in another experiment.
23. A hypothesis is a proposed explanation for an observation.\
A theory is a well-tested explanation for a broad set of observations. \
25. This is a law because everything must follow this rule, hence "The Law of Conservation of Matter."

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30. The two general steps in successful problem solving are (1) developing a plan and (2) implementing that plan.
31. The three steps for solving numerical problems are (1) analyze, (2) calculate, and (3) evaluate.\
32. The two steps for solving conceptual problems are (1) analyze and (2) solve.
a. We know that there are 3,600 seconds in an hour and there are 24 hours
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