A Research Study On Entrepreneurship

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Entrepreneurship is often a difficult undertaking since a majority of new businesses fail, but in many ways, it 's never been easier to become an entrepreneur. According to research by Shikhar Ghosh, a Harvard business school lecturer, three out of four venture-backed start ups fail (Bruder). Ghosh also found that more than 95% of start ups fall short of their initial projections (Bruder). Being an entrepreneur is not as easy as some people think. The hours are long and sometimes they have to make hard decisions, but the ability to stand behind your decisions is essential (Drexler). People like Bill Gates, Michael Dell, Steve Jobs, and Larry Page form our conception of entrepreneurship. The inventions and products created by these people…show more content…
Baron mentions many times these phases are meant to be broad and don’t necessarily include all actions performed by entrepreneurs or variables that may influence their performance or their organization 's outcome.
Prelaunch is the period that comprises all the activities performed before the actual launch of a new organization. During this period, entrepreneurs are not quite entrepreneurs yet. This phase consists of the evolution of the vision for one’s company, the full development of intentions to proceed with the creation of the company, recognition of opportunities and the evaluation of the opportunities. All these factors lead to the next phase -- the launch -- of creating one’s new venture. After those factors have been dealt with, they are followed by efforts to assemble these necessary resources: human, financial, informational, and other. One needs some way to fund the development of their new company, find people to work for them, and what exactly they are going to be producing and/or providing.
Launch is the phase that involves all the activities related to the actual, serious launch of a new company and the initial period of its public operation. The launch period includes creating marketing plans and an overall strategy for utilizing the opportunities recognized in the prelaunch period, choosing a legal form for the new company (e.g. S CORP or LLC),
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