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Family – Focused Psychoeducation
In family-focused psychoeducation, all the family members of the patient are included and the therapy consists of several stages. At the very start, psychoeducation about the symptoms of the disorders is given to all the participants. The causes and effects are described in detail while also emphasizing the need for specific medical adherence. Families are taught and trained to deal with early to emergent symptoms. They are given training regarding the best coping responses that they can implement whenever the patient lapses. They are given evidence that poor interaction and communication between the family members and the patient can discourage the patient to get better and also make him go into more
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In the second year follow up, the family had even more longer delays to relapses and the relapses decreasing in number with great reductions in mood symptoms and the condition of the patient improving drastically.
The family focused psychoeducation was also compared to single ones to show that there wasn’t any significant difference between the two. Although, there was some evidence that the patients treated with family focused psychoeducation were in a better mental state than the single one. The family focused psychoeducation also displayed that the patients had quicker recovery time every time a lapse appeared. Group Psychoeducation
The purpose of group psychoeducation is to teach all the participants about their current condition. It is a shared psychoeducation that involves the presence of a trained professional and the participants who are suffering from the same neurodevelopmental disorder. This particular type of education focuses on interpersonal relationships on particular concerns shared by the group members. Many patients prefer group psychoeducation to supplement their primary treatment as well as to access additional support. Sometimes it can also be used as the sole component of healing work. The participants, along with getting all the treatment like in the other psychoeducation modules, also get to discuss their problems with the other affected people who can offer them genuine empathy which gives them a sense of
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