A Research Study On Health Promotion, Behavior Change

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Workplace wellbeing has been an important aspect of government and employer focused for the past few years. Considering that people spend such a large amount of the time at work. Employment is a key element in promoting good health and the World Health Organization recognises the workplace as a key avenue for health promotion (WHO, 2015). A systematic literature search was undertaken to establish the importance of workplace for promotion of good health practices, particularly in a social cultural context of behavioural changes in nursing field when encountering different situation at work such as stress and bullying, and how does multicultural workplace affects behaviour of each staff.

Literature review, systematic, workplace – based health promotion, behaviour change


Although the literature covers a wide variety of theories about work related behavioural changes in terms of nursing career, this review will focus on the causes of the behavioural changes in a workplace such as stress, bullying, ethnicity with different values and beliefs and language. The aim of this study is to conduct a systematic review of the literature on workplace as a setting of health promotion. The workplace focuses on the nursing field. Nurses are often put into situations that are difficult to manage to the point of being unbearable (Chang, Daly, Hancock, Bidewell, Johnson, & Lambert, 2006). Nurses experience the death and dying process of many of their patients,…
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