A Research Study On Health Promotion, Behavior Change

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Abstract Workplace wellbeing has been an important aspect of government and employer focused for the past few years. Considering that people spend such a large amount of the time at work. Employment is a key element in promoting good health and the World Health Organization recognises the workplace as a key avenue for health promotion (WHO, 2015). A systematic literature search was undertaken to establish the importance of workplace for promotion of good health practices, particularly in a social cultural context of behavioural changes in nursing field when encountering different situation at work such as stress and bullying, and how does multicultural workplace affects behaviour of each staff. Keywords Literature review, systematic, …show more content…

Different people (nurses) cope with this in different ways some better than others (Chang,, 2006). Method Literature search This study began with a database search to locate all the current and relevant articles about workplace-based health promotion. A total of nine articles from the last ten years have been assessed for relevance for the study. Data Analysis To evaluate the studies, articles were entered into a literature review matrix, identifying the specific aims of the study, demographic, methods, major findings, limitations and article focus. Data were analysed using content analysis to produce a descriptive summary of the content. Results were independently reviewed within each article and data were analysed to identify the causes of behavioural changes. Results A total of nine articles from the nine original studies using qualitative and quantitative research methods met the criteria for inclusion in the study (9 articles with different research objectives with similar participants). Four out of nine stated that the most common cause of changes in behaviour is job satisfaction, followed by language and different values and beliefs. Four articles have been critically analysed to conclude that job satisfaction is the most common cause of behavioural changes in the workplace (Chang, Daly, Hancock, Bidewell, Johnson, Lambert, & Lambert, 2006; Chang, Bidewell, W., Huntington, Daly, J., Johnson, Wilson,

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