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Job satisfaction is the very important factor in general quality of life because it is closely connected with working life (e.g. Argyle, 1989; Bang & Lee, 2006), with family life, everyday life, and mental health (Orpen, 1978; Schmitt and Bedeian, 1982; Faragher, Cass & Cooper, 2005). Level of job satisfaction is also highly related to turnover, absenteeism rate, work productivity or accomplishment (Muchinsky, 1977; Organ, 1977). Many researchers (e.g. Cherrington, 1994; Acorn, Ratner & Crawford, 1997; Ostroff, 1992; Spector, 1997) state that employees who experience high job satisfaction contribute to organisational commitment, job involvement, their physical, mental health and overall well-being are improved. Job dissatisfaction on the…show more content…
To understand the concept of job satisfaction the research has identified two aspects of it, they are, the facets satisfaction and overall satisfaction (Cherrington,1994; Fields, 2002). Individuals can be satisfied or dissatisfied with their overall job (Ironson, Smith, Brannick, Gibson, & Paul, 1989) and with specific job facets, such as the level of pay, promotion opportunities, co-workers, working conditions and supervision, contingent rewards, benefits, nature of work, or communication (Spector, 1997; Locke, 1976; Smith, Kendall & Hulin, 1969). The evidence shows that distinctive job facets such as pay satisfaction, opportunities for promotion, relationships with co-workers and supervisors have significant effects on job satisfaction (Ting, 1997; Ellickson & Logsdon, 2002; Pohlmann; 1999). The overall satisfaction is considered in terms of good salary, compassionate supervisors and co-operative co-workers. Conversely, the job dissatisfaction derives for instance form low pay or incompetent supervisors. Therefore, the feeling of overall satisfaction or dissatisfaction depends on the intensity and frequency of positive and negative experiences with job (Cherrington, 1994; Ironson, Smith, Brannick, Gibson, & Paul,

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