A Research Study On Nurses 's Perceptions Of Shift Reporting Guided The Effort

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The first phase of the project involved reviewing implementation survey. After analysis of the survey results, the nurse’s perceptions of the significant change to the practice of change-of-shift reporting guided the effort. Due to the organizational change to bedside shift report as part of an initiative to ensure that care practices are more patient centered, the primary outcome of interest would be an increase in nurse compliance and satisfaction with the change. Also of interest was compliance of the nursing staff with the requirement to incorporate the evidence-based practice of bedside shift report into daily operations. Palumbo (20130 “Bedside shift report is a significant change in practice, and the support of nursing management and staff involvement are essential to the success of the change process”. They need to have a formal structure as noted by Athwal, Fields, and Wagnell (2009) “shift reports that lack a formal structure and guidelines can lead to inefficiencies and the sharing of irrelevant and inadequate information” (p.143).
Palumbo (2013) states that one of the biggest assumption of such a project is that the nursing staff are motivated to increase patient satisfaction scores through the implementation of bedside shift reporting. Maxson, et al. (2012) research to determine whether bedside reporting increased accountability, teamwork and prioritization among nurse’s survey that included 15 nurse’s results showed that nurses strongly agreed that bedside…
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